About Us

Magical Designwas inspired by a longtime family tradition. After realizing the excitement in which the holiday season brought to her children, founder Kelley Joyce, decided to create some magic of her own. Each holiday, "magical pajamas" were delivered to her boy's doorstep. These pajamas had the power to bring love, happiness and joy to those that wore them. After watching her children experience such excitement, Joyce decided to launch Magical Design, in hopes to inspire the tradition of magical wearables for all kids and families to enjoy.

Magical Design follows the adventures of Amos & Ella, a set of twins who share a particular enthusiasm for celebrations and special events. With each story, Amos and Ella encounter new friends and the power of possibility through their magical wearables.

One's belief in magic does not need to end as a child. In fact, one’s belief in magic should never end.

We, at Magical Design, wish to bring a longtime family tradition to homes across the world and inspire the imagination in all of us through our magical clothing and wearables.